12 Week Self Optimization Program

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This 12-Week Coaching Program is a highly individualised program that focusses on optimising your personal health, fitness and wellness goals.

What is included:
• Health, wellness and fitness plan is jointly developed that is inclusive, flexible and responsive with the goal to move your daily practices towards healthier choices
• 6 x one-on-one hour coaching sessions – these are scheduled bi-weekly and are either conducted in-person or via online video platforms
• Whatsapp/email engagement and support during the 12-week period
• Educational handouts

During our 12-week coaching program we will delve deeper into the following areas relating to your health and fitness:
• Healthy Nutrition
• Mobility and Strength
• What constitutes healthy fitness
• Lifestyle practices that support health, fitness and vitality

Assessments of current fitness conditions will be made to create a dynamic, sustainable workout plan that fits your current needs and shifts with your ongoing advancement. Throughout your health and wellness journey both concrete strategies and personal encouragement is provided with the intention for you to feel empowered to make daily choices that enhance your health.

The greatest investment you can make, is to invest in YOURSELF. So why not leverage the expert guidance and personal support of a coach to make this the most powerful investment in pursuit of your health and fitness goals.

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