Hi, I'm Santa

I have a great passion to help, encourage, guide and support others through sharing my knowledge and life experiences. I don’t always have it all together and remain far from perfect. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes and that is OK.  I have my own life story and ongoing challenges, dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD, PMDD and chronic stress disorder to share a few.

I’ve had to go on a journey of inward reflection, connecting with myself to discover the power, wholeness and love that exist within me.

I, myself, have had to discover ways to create a life that I adore and love. Through the process of peeling away the layers of fear, anger, disappointment and insecurities I have managed to arrive at this point. 

With this acceptance and wisdom to fully love and value myself, I’ve had to re-awaken my heart and soul in order to heal.

I do believe that when you feel good on the inside, your life will glow on the outside.

Join me today

If you feel you are here because you are longing for change, balance, healing and wholeness, but sometimes life experiences and patterns block you from living a fulfilled life in peace, light and harmony.

If So, you are not alone.

I know some of these patterns all to well and it’s a daily task to keep myself aligned and mindful of these patterns that can drag me into anxiety, stress, anger, fear, disappointment and depression. But, I have taught myself skills to help guard myself against these triggers. And I can help and guide you along the path to inner power, purpose, drive and wellbeing too.

These days...

I am passionate about taking journeys with my tribe to rekindle with inner power, purpose, drive and wellbeing.

A few things about me:

❋ I live in beautiful sunny Cape Town, South Africa

❋ I am a Libra by birth sign and I do thrive on balance

❋ I love taking an hour in the morning before sunrise, just for myself. I meditate, breathe, journal and do body-based practices. My day seems out of balance when I skip or miss my morning routine

❋ I have been lucky to get a second chance at love. Now happily married with one biological child and two borrowed

❋ Proud moment, I have completed the Comrades Marathon in 2019 (87 km)

❋ I am a complete home body and love books, books on knowledge, self help and spirituality 

❋ I have a Chihuahua and sometimes feel embarrassed about how much I love her, my kids think I love her more than them. I think sometimes they are right, but don’t tell them

❋ I am truly lucky and love that I have found my calling in this journey of helping and guiding others 

♥ If you are ready to re-awaken your heart and soul allow healing, acceptance and wisdom to fully love and value yourself, then connect with me ♥.


EMAIL: santa@regeneratehealthfitness.co.za

WHATSAPP: 083 533 6771

I am the power of my light