You have selected the Copper Package. This is the entry level package and consists of ‘off-the-shelf’ training plans only. These training plans are purchased and delivered via the TrainingPeaks® platform. There is no involvement from the Regenerate Health and Fitness coach/s.

Customisable and individualised features include:
• Athlete can choose an appropriate program to suit their needs and ability, based upon:
• Target distance & time frame to event
• Ability / Fitness level
• Athlete determines when they will start the program based on target event’s date
• Fitness tests, included in the plans, allow for customisation of training paces based on the athlete’s current ability. Where applicable, training paces can be amended during the program as and when fitness/ability levels change (when these tests are re-examined within selected programs only)
A list of available training plans, including costs, programme details, target times, weekly training volume, etc can be found by clicking on the link provided below: