You have selected the Gold Package. This package consists of a highly individualised training plan built specifically around the athlete. Training plans are custom made according to athlete’s ability, fitness levels, target events during the year (distance / date of event), day’s of week available to train. Athlete’s can contact the coach/s via email and mobile with questions/queries/advice relating to their training. Coach/s will provide monthly feedback to the athlete (30min online session via Zoom or other systems)

Training sessions / plans are delivered via the TrainingPeaks® platform.

Go to the following link and set up your Training Peaks profile and/or select Regenerate Heath Fitness as your coach.

Customisable and individualised features include:

  • Athlete can choose specify days of week to train as per their work/lifestyle schedule
  • Coach builds a customised annual training plan (9 months to 12 months) according to athlete’s target races/events, specifying when different phases of training occurs
  • Athlete selects target event/s distances / dates for which he/she will be training towards
  • Athlete profile assessment will be performed to highlight strengths and weaknesses. These will be factored into the training plan as well as incorporating key adaptations required to based on target races/events for the year
  • Race analysis, pacing strategy and race hydration for targeted event are provided
  • Athlete and Coach discuss training progress monthly (30min online session)
  • Strength &/or Flexibility programmes are included within the overall training plan

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Terms and Conditions:
By checking the "I agree to the Terms & Conditions" checkbox you (the "athlete") accept and agree to the following terms and conditions:
Regenerate Health and Fitness Coaching takes no responsibility for any existing medical conditions or from medical conditions that may occur from the coaching services supplied. It is the responsibility of the athlete to ensure that they have undergone a medical screening and have been cleared, by a medical doctor, to participate in strenuous exercise. The athlete must ensure that Regenerate Health and Fitness is made aware of any pertinent medical history, including prior sports injuries, prior to commencement of the coaching services.
Entering your Credit Card and/or Debit Card details on the website is at your own risk. Regenerate Health and Fitness takes no responsibility for any fraud or errors that occur.
For Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, there is a minimum coaching period of three months, with a once-off setup fee that is added onto the first month's fee deduction. This fee covers, where applicable based on the package selected, administration setup, training assessment, goal/event assessment, health and lifestyle assessment, athlete profile setup and so forth. Fees will be collected automatically by, PayFast, from your Credit Card/Debit Card monthly until for the minimum three month period and will continue until the athlete notifies Regenerate Health & Fitness of their intention to cancel. A one-month cancellation period is applicable. Cancellation of your coaching subscription can be done by emailing Regenerate Health and Fitness.
Coaching packages, include certain services only, as indicated in the package description. Should the athlete require additional/less services, the coaching package can be upgraded or downgraded on the Regenerate website under the Menu option 'My Membership'
Regenerate Health and Fitness reserves the right to cancel an athlete's coaching service in instances where:
an athlete brings Regenerate Health and Fitness into disrepute;
an athlete does not follow the required programme for an extended period of time
Regenerate Health and Fitness takes no responsibility for third party applications that are used for services.