Welcome, I'm Santa

I am a Certified Life Coach with a level 4 counselling distinction.

My mission is to embark on a journey with individuals and help them find balance, wholeness and gratification by reconnecting with one’s true self, inner power, purpose, drive and wellbeing.

Sometimes in life, circumstances interfere with our balance. Everyone’s journey is unique, therefore I incorporate a variety of skills and methods to support and guide each individual on their journey to fulfilment. We all deserve to deeply love and value ourselves, accept who we are and live the best version of one self. Let your inner soul light up your life.

Work with Santa

I believe healing begins with building a deep and loving relationship with oneself. 

By incorporating a unique and diversified skill set of Life Coaching, Counselling, Yoga, Breathing, Shamanism and Spiritual Coaching I help restore this balance and purpose.

I am passionate about learning and understanding human behaviour. Helping others gives me a great sense of joy, belonging and purpose.



EMAIL: santa@regeneratehealthfitness.co.za

WHATSAPP: 083 533 6771

I am the power of my light