Move with Freedom


Regenerate Health and Fitness is a proud affiliate of Innerunner®.

I recall coming across the name Lawrence van Lingen, it was on a podcast that his name was mentioned. I distinctly recall the person on the podcast saying something to the effect of “This guy works magic. His knowledge of the how the human body is designed to move is phenomenal”. After the customary Google search I came across a number of his youtube videos, which I duly watched and started trying some of them myself. After a mere few weeks I could start to feel the difference and I was sold on his techniques.

This led me to share a selection of his youtube material with my clients and the responses were often amazing. One client in particular had misaligned hips that were causing discomfort to her whilst running. After a few weeks of doing Lawrence’s Happy Hips, not only did her discomfort disappear, but more importantly her hips were regaining alignment.

In early 2020 as the world entered a new era of uncertainty and lockdown, Lawrence started a weekly online Zoom class which I immediately signed up for. With direct weekly instruction from him explaining and going through his various techniques and methods, the transformation in my running was astonishing. I was even more sold.

I reached out to Lawrence to discuss ideas on potential collaboration and since then we have built and continue to build a great relationship. I truly believe in the amazing work, values and results that Lawrence provides and I certainly hope that you too will get to experience this transformation yourself.

Do yourself, your body, your mind, your running a favour and join the Innerunner® community. Click on link below.