Movement and Stretching


“Foam Angel”

Great movement exercise to incorporate at any time during your day or as part of your daily routine. Not only is this relaxing but it helps open/release your back and shoulders that can get closed or stiff from modern day living (ie: sitting hunched at desks, laptops, driving, etc).
Start by lying down on a long foam roller and bend your knees so they are approx. 90 degrees. If battling with balance then widen your feet apart.
Next try to lengthen your spine by imagining someone pulling your head away from your hips.
Place your arms out to the side with palms facing the sky.
Whilst inhaling and exhaling in a deep controlled way, move your shoulders and arms towards each other over your head (as if doing snow angels) and back again, keeping your knuckles as close to the ground as possible.
Move your arms and shoulders in slow controlled manner aligned with your breathing.
Do for this for about 1min in the morning (after waking up) and/or in evening (before bed), during the day as a quick movement snack whilst at work, before exercising – at gym, run, cycle, etc.


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