" Are you ready to "LEAN" in without burning out or hitting the wall"?

Primal Health Coach Certification

I AM David Yuill

From a young age I have aquired a true passion for running that kept growing into adulthood. As the years elapsed, passion and enjoyment turned into frustrations due to continuous niggles, stop-start training, struggles to keep my weight balanced, resulting in subpar performances. I followed dietary conventions and trained harder as recommended, adding more mileage, faithfully believing this would shed any excess weight, promising better, overall health and performance. With heavy disappointment I had to come to terms with the fact that due to my “genetic makeup”  it was impossible to improve nor reach the full potential I strongly believed to have. Naturally leading to my mind concluding that my fate and destiny were sealed.

Sun City 2011

Around the same time, fellow running mates dabbled into a ‘new’ diet that supported amazing athletic performance. I decided, to give it ‘a go’. I lost weight, felt more energetic, healthier and completed races in faster times with less effort and training. This did not make sense as it was counterintuitive and seemed ‘too good to be true’. I was enjoying this renewed energy, vigour and vitality. Confidence returned in my running and life in general. 

I was lean, energetic, fit and healthy. Life was “in true good spirit”…untill my wife went for her anual medical checkups. A moment in which a lifetime of values, dreams, visions and everything you hold dear instantly came crushing to the ground, “stage four cancer”.  As this news hit us all like an unstopable tidal wave, puting life on hold as we all dealt with, processed and adjusted to this horrible reality. During this time, I read countless articles on various treatments desperate for options to halt, let alone reverse, this growing cancer. Leaving me helpless and powerless, questioneing my faith in the medical advancement as no doctor nor specialist could profide the needed help nor answers. My wife sadly passed away within a year of her diagnosis.

Old eating habits and cravings crept back, weight increased and I lost all sense of vitality. Harsh awareness cultured in my mind that no one is immune to illness and that modern medicine has no miracle cure. Being a single parent of two beautiful young kids I was determined to find more control over our own health and wellbeing, which was no longer a luxury, but a priority.

July 2018

I kicked off my health journey in 2016 resulting in successfully completing my course in Primal Health Coaching. Whilst studying, I systematically implemented this way of living, resulting in effortless weight loss, huge health and vitality improvements and running faster times with less effort. I am no longer over stressed about weight management, energy levels and even my allergies have lessened over time. More importantly ,I have learned to trust this process and want to share my knowledge and experience so that you can enjoy better quality living, health, vitality and improved fitness.

Yes life will throw us knock-out punches, but it can also provide plenty happiness and renewed chances. Whatever your life events are, good or bad, you have the power to choose. You are the choices you make.

My journey continues to empower me to make better choices for myself, my family and loved ones. I would love to help and encourage you to enjoy improved health and explore your personal fitness and full athletic potential, well within your control.

The choice is YOURS!