Training Requirements

Training Requirements

Training Requirements Website Page:

All training sessions are delivered via the TrainingPeaks® platform. There is no additional cost attached to this (unless you specifically elect the Premium option, which is not required). The benefits of using TrainingPeaks® platform are as follows:

  1. Your GPS watch (compatible with majority of brands and models) can be linked with TrainingPeaks®, this enables all your training sessions to be downloaded to your watch. All you need to do is simply start the session on your watch and your watch will guide you through the specific session for that day, advising when to warm-up, cool-down, when to run, when to rest, etc and lapping automatically when each section of the training session has been completed. This allows you to purely focus on your training as opposed to worrying about when to lap, how far you have run and so forth. I strongly encourage that you de-activate the auto 1km/mile lap on your watch
  2. You are able to see the training sessions in advance in both the TrainingPeaks® calendar and Garmin/Polar/etc calendars and the time required to complete each session which will assist greatly in planning your training into your daily commitments
  3. Sessions are colour coded according to completion – green for completed as planned, orange for partly completed and red for not completed. This useful to see how you are adhering to the programme
  4. Daily emails are provided each morning informing you of the required session for the day
  5. There is a communication facility within each session, whereby you can rate how you felt during the session and provide any comments as well.

Before getting started with your training there are a few steps to get you ‘up-and-running’ so to speak, namely:

Step 1: Click on link (provided below) to create both your TrainingPeaks profile and enabling Regenerate Health & Fitness as your coach

Step 2: Follow the self-explanatory steps on TrainingPeaks® to link your watch to the platform

Step 3: Enjoy your sessions 😉